Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pageant Visit #2: Miss Ventura County

It was time again for another Pageant Visit, and Jessica and I took a road trip to Ventura, CA!  We had our chaperones/chauffeurs, Stacy and Lynette (Jess's mom),  take us and we had a fun-filled day!  We left around noon and arrived a couple hours later in sweet little downtown Ventura.
Jessica and I in front of the Theatre...

on the road!!! :)

We made a quick stop at the local Pageant dress store to see what we could find.  We need dresses for the state pageant! Unfortunately, Jessica and I didn't find the dress to wear at the state pageant, but Jessica found the style she liked.  We'll be continuing our dress hunt soon!  After trying on a few dresses, we stopped for lunch at "The Habit" burger joint. After lunch, we walked through the small streets and window shopped.

Finally after a few fun hours of burning time, it was pageant time! I think it is fun to watch pageants especially when it involves the other young women you'll be competing with at Miss CA!  It's more fun that way!  Jessica and I got to see the new titleholders get crowned.  Megan Wisler is the new Miss Ventura County and Olivia Sichmeller is the new Ventura's Outstanding Teen.  It's so nice to see other girls go through the same kind of "crowning moment" that Jessica and I went through.  We can totally relate!

During intermission I got to catch up with some old friends.  I've known Carley Ryckman since 2007 when we competed for Miss CA's Teen and we had a blast up there.  It was so fun to see her as the former Miss Santa Barbara last night! 
With Carley, Katie Barnum (Miss City of Orange), and Rachel Berry (Miss Orange County)

I also talked with one of my long-time idols, Jacquelynne Fontaine.  She was Miss CA 2006 and I first met her when I competed in the CA Teen pageant.  She is a phenomenal opera singer and I feel so privileged to know her personally.  Jackie, you have been a great example to me, especially as a performer.  Thank you!

There will be a lot more pageant visits coming up in the next few months! Can't wait!