Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Classics on the Green" Car Show/Concert

Okay, I'm a little late with this post, and I MUST NOT fall into the trap of blog procrastination! I have fallen into the trap of procrastination in too many other categories already! :) But here I am and I am excited to share with you the latest event Jessica and I were able to attend.

Last Thursday was the "Classics on the Green" Car Show and Concert. This took place on the city yard off of Euclid and Main St. (it's the park where the Strawberry Festival takes place). This event was run by the Garden Grove Community Foundation and they really pulled it off! This was the first event that Jessica and I had together and it was so much fun! Before the concert, there were many beautiful and classic cars displayed out on the lawn. But these cars were not on display just for the fun, there was a trophy involved! There were three different awards given out: The Mayor's Choice, The Foundation's Choice and the Special Anniversary Award. I am sure it was hard to choose only 3 out of many beautiful cars, but I know that everyone had fun in end! As the judging took place the Mariachi Divas come out on stage to perform! They are amazing! The Mariachi Divas won a Grammy in 2008 for best Regional Mexican Album and I can see why! They are all fantastic musicians and singers and the crowd was wild all night!

Before the Mariachi Divas performed, many dance companies performed. There were dancers from Bolivia, Mexico, and other Latin American countries. They were all so talented! I got a picture with some of the Bolivian dancers! And I was also able to meet a couple of foreign exchange students from China and Switzerland and they were excited to meet a "celebrity"!

The trophies were given out at intermission and I got to help! I'll need to get used to being "displayed" everywhere I go...haha. This event once again showed me how "small town" our big city is! It is so nice to see the community come together in big numbers and have fun out on the Green!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just more reason to celebrate.....

Jessica and I were featured in last Sunday's OC Register, and that was such an honor!

Then, the GG Journal surprised us with a beautiful article featuring the pageant! And they put me and Jessica on the front page! We are so excited! Thank you GG Journal!

And Garden Grove TV on Channel 3 featured me and Jessica in one of their news reports:

We are so lucky to be supported by so many people in our hometown of Garden Grove!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why do I do this?

I just spent the evening with Miss Garden Grove 2011, Leah Cecil. Our pageant was on Friday, August 20, 2010. We have been rehearsing since the middle of June. I truly love all over our contestants. Several of them (Bree, Veronica, Melanie, Aimee, Valerie, Jordan, Kristina and Alyssa) have competed for several years and we always have the amazing new-comers (Alexis, Rachel, Brittany, Missy, Christy, Robin and Tiffany). But, at the end of the day, you always have to welcome two new titleholders. This year we welcomed Leah Cecil and Jessica Tonti into the Miss Garden Grove Titleholder Family.

Leah (16 with braces), 2nd Runner-up in 2006 pageant; Rachel St. Marseille, Outstanding Teen; Amanda Shaw, 3rd Runner-up; Gennah Rodriguez, 1st Runner-up

Tonight was a special evening for me. Leah began competing with us six years ago, when she was 14 years old. There are pictures of her with braces on her teeth and her just learning to play the harp. Flash forward to six years later when she stood on stage as a regal and stauesque young woman about to be crowned Miss Garden Grove. Although I would have been equally ecstatic for any of the other contestants to win the title, I must say that I swelled with a sense of pride and satisfaction to watch an amazing young lady achieve a goal that she had been striving to obtain as a young teen. This girl is going to savor every moment of her year and will be an amzing representative for our city.

I am equally as excited for our new Outstanding Teen....Jessica Tonti. She has never competed before, but will be a force to be reckoned with at the state competition. She has been able to watch one of her dear friends, former Outstanding Teen Jennae Duran, represent the City of Garden Grove during the past year and will rock the house in Fresno next year.

I have heard from many guests in the audience on Friday that this year's "crop" of contestants had some of the best talent they had ever seen on the Miss GG stage. I couldn't agree more. I am so thrilled for Leah and Jessica as they begin their year of service, but am also in awe at the amazing group of girls who competed for the title. Any one of them would have been an awesome representative.

With that being said.......I want to throw out a shout to Leah, who has been waiting for six years to sit on top of the Miss Garden Grove Float. 2010-2011 is your year! Enjoy it, relish it and take it all in. I am so proud of both you and Jessica........it's going to be a great year.

Leah, 15 with braces too, at the bottom/foot of the float (2nd Runner-up). This year she will be at the top!

Stacy Margolin

Kia of Garden Grove- Grand Opening!

Today was my first official event as Miss Garden Grove and I am so glad that I got to spend it at the new KIA dealership! Today was the grand opening and I got to help cut the big red ribbon. There were many city officials there including Mayor Bill Dalton, Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tempore Steve Jones, and Councilman Andrew Do. There were many members of development workers and other visitors there as well. It was so great to see so much support at this event!

From Left to Right: Steve Jones, Mayor Pro-Tempore; Andrew Do, Councilman; Bill Dalton, Mayor; Jared Hardin; Eric Hardin, Manager

Mr. Jared Hardin was the emcee for this event and he was very excited to open this dealership. The Hardin family has been in this business for over 3 years and and is determined to bring KIA sales up more now that they are in Garden Grove. Mayor Dalton spoke as well and I learned that KIA means "rising out of Asia" and he exclaimed, "Thank goodness they landed in Garden Grove!" He was also excited to mention that this dealership has created 25 new jobs and and raise millions of dollars in sales! He added that he "wants business here, but he wants the family aspect as well," and he knows that KIA will uphold that standard.

After the ceremony outside, we moved inside (where the A/C was!!!!) to do the toasts and eat! I got to meet the owner, Jared Hardin and I got to cut the giant cake! They have to put me to work somehow!

I promise I was drinking Sparkling Apple Cider!!! :)

Our first official picture together!


With Eric Hardin, the manager of Garden Grove KIA

cutting the giant KIA cake!

The OC Register has covered this story:

Come to KIA of Garden Grove for your new car!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

After-Party with the Fam!

So, after the hour long "photo shoot" I had with family and friends, we decided to go to Denny's to celebrate! I saw some contestants there and even Harry Caray! aka Miss Lauren Howard :) I guess this could count as my first public event as Miss Garden Grove!

After many hours of "starvation" from the long night, I was able to indulge in a customized Grand Slam! So scrumptious! I didn't get to sleep until 3AM, but it's all good!


What A Night!

Ahhhh, where do I start? I am just so honored to be Miss Garden Grove this year! Last night is still all a blur and it hasn't all sunk in yet, but I know it will be an amazing year! I have created this blog so you all can follow me as my exciting year progresses! I'll be posting pictures and comments about my events and I hope you enjoy!

Here are the results of the night:

Miss Garden Grove 2011: Leah Cecil
1st Runner-up: Bree Morse
2ndRunner-up: Veronica Williams
3rd Runner-up: Aimee Le

Miss Garden Grove's Outstanding Teen 2011: Jessica Tonti
1st Runner-up: Valerie Alcaraz
2nd Runner-up: Alyssa Alex

Again, it is an honor and I hope to make Garden Grove proud!

Miss Garden Grove 2011