Miss California LIVE!

Keep in touch during Miss CA week and we will update you on the preliminary and final results!
Pageant week is June 21-25th.  Go Team "Double G!"

Talent: Jordan Krinke
Evening Gown: Lauren Smolka

Talent: Nanxi Lui
Evening Gown: Crystal Lee

Talent: Saundra Combs
Evening Gown: Nishi Munshi

Talent: Nishi Munshi
Evening Gown: Jordan Krinke

Miss California 2011- Noelle FreemanMiss Culver City $10,000 Scholarship
First Runner Up- Leah CecilMiss Garden Grove- Bernie Rose Outstanding Musician $3,500 Total Scholarship
Second Runner Up- Saundra CombsMiss Hollywood- Preliminary Talent $3,000 Total Scholarship
Third Runner Up-Nishi MunshiMiss National Orange Show- Preliminary Talent, Preliminary Evening Gown $3,050 Total Scholarship
Fourth Runner Up- Sharanya MukhopadhyayMiss South Coast $2,000 Total Scholarship

Top 12

Rachel BerryMiss Orange County
Brittany BellMiss Studio City
Lauren SmolkaMiss Southern California Regional
Kaylynn SimonsonMiss Kern County
Laura Jean BergerMiss Los Angeles County
Crystal LeeMiss San Francisco
Megan WislerMiss Ventura County

We are finally here in Fresno!  The Garden Grove girls packed all their stuff in a big white van and took off.  Oh and I forgot to mention that we brought Rachel Berry (Miss OC), Sharanya Mukhopadhyay (Miss South Coast), and Katie Barnum (Miss City of Orange) along with us!  We packed baggage for 5 girls....wait, not just girls goin' on a trip....PAGEANT girls!!!  If you don't know what I'm talking about, just look at the pictures below!  We all had so much stuff, that it took us 30 mins to figure out how to organize and pack it all!  I have never seen so much work into packing a car.  Once we had it all packed in, I think the funniest part was watching everyone crawl over all the stuff to get in.  We all were good sports because we sat in a 5-hour trip covered in gowns, suitcases, and whatever else a pageant girl needs (or think she needs).  Let me just say it was a loooong trip, but we made it safely even though we couldn't see through any window but the windshield!

Since we had nothing to do tonight, we went to BJ's and indulged in yummy food! And now, it is bedtime because tomorrow is a busy day!  All 59 Miss CA contestants will be taking a bus at 8:30 to meet the mayor of Fresno, so it will be fun! Stay tuned for more!