Saturday, February 26, 2011

LA Makeup Show with Sonoma Tanning

So after the little league parade, I got in my car and rushed up to LA.  Today was also the LA Makeup Show at the Fashion Institute in Downtown.  This was my first official time driving myself to Downtown and I made it in perfect time!  I wasn't going here only for the fun, I was there to model for Sonoma Tanning.  I modeled for them in Las Vegas at the Miss America tradeshow and I guess Kelly really liked me so she wanted me back in LA.  I didn't find out until today that Jackie Geist, Miss California 2008, was going to be there!  How exciting to hang out with her for 4 hours!  And Katie Enea was there to help with our booth too.  She's the Miss San Diego Director and she was also one of my Miss Garden Grove judges, so it was a nice reunion!
With Jackie Geist

The Sonoma crew!

Well, what a day so far!  I stood around in a swimsuit and heels for about 4 hours with five coats of bronze spray tanning product on my skin.  There were so many different people of all shapes and sizes with pretty much every makeup design you can think of.  It was definitely a new thing for me to see.  Being a girl and playing dress-up is fun!

And by the way, just to give a little commercial...  Sonoma Tanning is a wonderful spray tan service and the product they use is so natural and it feels so good.  I definitely did not walk away looking like a shiny orange and I had five coats on!  Sonoma Tanning spray tans all the contestants (if they want it) at Miss CA and for a lot of other contestants involved with the Miss America Org.  What's even better about it is that you can do it yourself!  You can buy the spray machine or you can buy the natural tanning lotions and mists.  It's very convenient if you're not into the UV Tanning.

Thank you again, Kelly for asking me to be your model!  I am so glad that I could be there to help you!

GG Little League Opening Ceremony and Parade!

The weather forecast was supposed be rainy all weekend and West GG was worried that once again the parade would get rained out!  They would've had to cancel it for the second time in a row because last year it rained too!  Everyone was told that if the event was canceled that they would get a phone call at 6AM.  I woke up at five minutes 'til and I didn't get that unwanted phone call!  The parade was on!  In fact, not only was the weather beautiful, it was like West GG was in a pocket of sunshine.  There were dark clouds surrounding us but not covering us.  God was being nice today! This year was very special in particular because I finally got to be in the parade as Miss GG!  For the past 3 or so years, I have always been in the parade as a court princess (not that there's anything wrong with that).  But I was definitely more excited sit with Jessica in a parade!

My view from the stage...they're all so cute in their uniforms!

This is the first year since I've been in the parade that I was not in the parade with my little brother, Sam.  He grew up as a little leaguer and we were always in the parade together.  Since he's a freshman at Pacifica this year, he's too old for little league. :(  But it's okay, because at least we still had a parade this year! Also, another exciting thing is that we have a new addition to the Miss GG court! Since Veronica Williams won Miss Desert Valley earlier that week, she was no longer able to be on our court.  The girl next in line was Missy Mendoza and we were so happy to have her with us at the parade!  And she gets to hang out with us during the Strawberry Festival too!

The new court with Missy on the far right!

Well, the parade started at 8AM and it was so much fun!  We didn't all sit with each other, but I was glad that Jessica and I sat in a car together.  The parade starts at Edgar Park, which is where I went to preschool, then it ends at Bell Intermediate, my Jr. High!  When we arrived at Bell, we all walked over to the stage to get ready for the opening ceremony.  Once the parade was over and the teams and parents found their spots in the audience, more of the fun began!  I sang the National Anthem and gave a little speech to the kids.  Mayor Bill Dalton spoke as well.  I know he loves the kids and that he supports the little league.  Otherwise, he wouldn't be there, especially so early in the morning!  It was a great ceremony and I know the kids were ready to play ball!

With former mayor, Bruce Broadwater and current Mayor Bill Dalton... and on the right, I'm singing :)

To see more pics, click on this link: more WGGLL pics

It was an amazing morning, but my day was just getting started!  Read the next two posts to see what else I did that day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Trip to CHOC Hospital

Miss Garden Grove was once again asked to visit the kids at CHOC Hospital, and Jessica was able to come too!  After class, I got in my harp-loaded van and drove to CHOC.  Jessica and I met in the parking structure then met up with our favorite chaperone, Patti!  In addition to playing the harp for the kids again,  we got a tour of the hospital from Breanna Weeks.  Breanna is the program manager for the Children's Miracle Network hospitals.  We are lucky enough to have her on hand at CHOC!

 With Breanna Weeks and our lovely chaperone, Patti!

Jessica, Patti, and I learned a lot about this wonderful hospital.  First of all, if you're not aware, CHOC is undergoing a major renovation worth $563 million dollars.  One of the towers beung builr should be open for patients by early 2013.  It is a major project, but it will bless so many children and their families.  Breanna toured us through most floors of the hospital.  She took us to the newborn baby area; we could not go inside, but Jessica and I were able to look into a window where we saw a sweet newborn.  The mother was there standing by her child laying in her special bed.  It was a bittersweet sight.  Next, we were taken to the teenager's hang-out room.  The have to make sure the hospital is a cool place to hang out.  I learned that it is important that such area exists for the teenagers because there, they can still act like any other teenager.  There is more understanding and compassion for teens at Children's Hospitals than at general hospitals.

Breanna took us to the newborn wing where a lot of the children were born premature.  We could not actually go inside but we were able to look through one of the windows and watch a mom stroke her sweet little one in his medical carrier.  It was a beautiful sight.

Unfortunately, since Jessica is still a minor, she was not able to go into the playrooms to visit the kids, so she had to leave.  But Patti and I stayed and we visited with the sweet little kids.  I brought in my big harp into the play room.  They were so excited again to hear me play.  I started playing Disney tunes and they were so entranced.  It is interesting to see how different days have different experiences.  The first time I played for the kids here, they were very into the music, but today it seemed like they were happy playing air hockey and with their Playdoh.  I sweetly left and told them I'll see them soon.

Again, I am so grateful that I have the chance to play the harp for the kids at CHOC.  Those kids are so inspirational and it has been an honor to meet all of them.  I pray that they all get well soon!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pageant Visit #5: Miss Placentia/Yorba Linda

It was time again to see another pageant!  This time it was the Miss Yorba Linda and Miss Placentia Pageants.  The theme was "Ever, Ever After" and it was so cute!  It was exciting to see some old friends competing tonight, especially Jordan Krinke.  She and I competed in the Miss CA teen pageant in 2007, and she won the teen title that year!  And I got 2nd Runner-up to her, so we were on court together! We go way back :) It was even more exciting to see her win Miss Yorba Linda! And the new Miss Placentia is Whitney Thomas!

Here's a picture of the Miss CA Teen 2007 court and Jordan at the gala.... we all looked like Disney princesses!
The picture on the right is Jordan and I in our interview suits...way back when they had us wear suits!

Because Stacy was an auditor that night, I had no chaperone.  But I was able to bring my Momma Sherry Cain to the pageant as my chaperone.  She brought her beautiful granddaughters Tamera and Denae.  We made it a fun girls night!  Before the pageant, we all went to dinner. We tried getting into our favorite Mexican restaurant in Placentia, but it was too crowded.  Instead made our stop to our favorite place, In-N-Out!  After the pageant, we all got some ice-cream at Baskin Robbins...ya we like food!  

Tamera and you girls!

It was so much fun to catch up with my momma you Sherry!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Special Person's Day

Today was Special Person's Day at Barker Elementary.  I went to this school as well and when I was there, I was able to bring a Special Person to school every year.  Never did I think that I would be someone else's special person!  Today I was Sadie's Special Person and it was an amazing day.  I have actually been Sadie's sister's special person for two years in a row, but this time it was Sadie's turn.  I have babysat these two girls since they were born and I have grown to love them as my little sisters.  I'd be willing to adopt them anytime, actually! :)  Since I was Sadie's guest, her sister Hannah was left to find a new special person.  Who'd she pick?  My mom, of course.  It was nice to partner with my mom as special people at Barker!  I was so excited to go to Special Person's day, especially because this time I was invited as Miss Garden Grove.  Sadie is SOOOOO thrilled that she is friends with Miss Garden Grove and that her special person this year is a celebrity!

I was to report to the Multipurpose Room to attend the opening ceremony where certain students read essays they wrote about their special person.  As I sat down, I noticed that Sadie was standing on stage amongst other essay readers.  I had no idea that Sadie had won the essay contest for her grade.  This meant that she was going to read an essay about me.  Her essay was so touching and I felt so lucky to be her guest!  You can hear it here:

After the opening ceremony, everyone rushed to other classrooms to see their special people.  Sadie and I met outside in the quad and we gave each other BIG hugs!  We took a few pictures and I gave her a little gift bag with some goodies.  My mom left to go meet with Hannah and Sadie and I were off to her classroom.  On the way to her room, I asked her who her teacher is and she said, "Mrs. Radosevich!"  Now, if you're reading this and you didn't go to Barker with me, you won't understand the excitement I felt when Sadie told me the news!  I was so excited to see her after all these years.  I didn't have her as a teacher, but we knew each other well.  She had my brother, Ryan though.  What a nice reunion!

When we got to the classroom, Sadie had a lot of activities set up for us to do.  She first gave me a little tour of her room and I was impressed with the great work she's done!  Then, we were given a blank map of the USA and had to name as many states as possible.  She should be on "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" because she got a few that I couldn't remember.  She's a smart one!  We then had to name a state that we would both love to visit someday.  See what we cute!

Sadie, I know I'm your special person, but I want you to know that you are my special person too.  I love you, Sadie!

Sadie opened her gift bag full of goodies, and I gave her a little something extra.  I gave her a signed autograph sheet with my picture on it.  Stacy got a whole bunch of them printed for me :)  I know Sadie will keep that forever!  We hung around in the classroom until the bell rang.  We got some yummy cookies and punch and we had so much fun!   After the bell rang, we met up with Hannah and my mom in the pouring rain.  Hannah's teacher this year is Mrs. Linda Brown and she was my first grade teacher too!  My mom said that Mrs. Brown wanted to see me, so we walked over to her classroom.  Mrs. Brown was so proud to see me as Miss Garden Grove.  We had a sweet reunion!  I will never forget you, Mrs. Brown!  What a great day!  Sadie got to parade Miss Garden Grove around!  I think her friends were jealous.  We made each other feel special today and I'll never forget it!  We all decided to go to lunch and Taco Bell was the best choice!

 Mrs. Brown and I

With the girls at Taco Bell!


This is her

This is my mom and Hannah, they were partners for the day.  Can you tell they like each other?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Acacia Day Care Center Chamber Mixer

It was the time of the month for another Chamber Mixer! This time, the Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce held their mixer at the Acacia Day Care Center.  The theme of this mixer was President's Day, which makes sense since that holiday is coming up this Monday.  Since Acacia is a senior's care center, they wanted to have us remember how much our former presidents and current legislatures cared for the senior citizens in our communities.  Here are some examples below:

Mallory Vega, the Executive Director of Acacia, gave a sweet speech about the services that Acacia gives and how we should celebrate and remember the work that our country's leaders did for senior citizens.  Acacia really is a special place and I know they help the seniors of our community feel loved.  It was really interesting to walk around the room and see what our leaders have done.  We also had a little fun seeing the favorite foods of our presidents and local legislatures as well.  I found out that Congressman Ed Royce's favorite food is spring rolls!  He's got good taste!


I got to sit with Patti and Marsha Stamper, who just married David "the Grizz" Stamper a year ago!  They are so cute together!  I see Marsha and David at all the Elk's Lodge events :)

This is Sandy Thomas....she is so much fun to be around, we have had some funny moments!  Sandy is the Chairperson of the Board for the Chamber of her!

After the mixer, I went across the street to meet up with Stacy...she wanted to show me my portrait that is hanging in the city hall!  I guess I am special! haha

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pageant Visit #4: Miss Covina!

This was the fourth pageant we've gone to so far and it was extra special because Stacy was one of the judges!  We've only been to four but there are a lot more comin'!  Last night was the Miss Covina pageant and it was fun to watch, as always.  Because Stacy was a judge, neither Jessica or I had an official chaperone, so this time we got to bring our moms. :)  It was a fun girls' night out!

After the show, we all went to IN-N-OUT!  We were all starving and Jessica and I were talking about how much we wanted a hamburger.  I, quite frankly, wanted a Double-Double really bad...yes, I ate the whole thing. If you know me, that shouldn't be a surprise!

It was another great night, being the queens of Garden Grove.  The new Miss Covina is Vivian Wei and the new teen is Joelle Roup! CONGRATS!!! The next pageant is Miss Placentia, so we'll see who the lucky girl is next week!

Megan and I....we were the blue blondes of the night :)

we were all dressed with color coordination again!
Jessica and I actually planned it this time :)

Sherry Blades and I (she was another judge for the night)....we go way back, back to the Miss Anaheim OT days
love you Sherry!

I texted Stacy as the show ended to see if she wanted to go out for food and I told her what I wanted.  She wrote it down to show Sherry...haha, typical me

Ya Sherry wanted my crown on inside... it was all good.
PS- that guy was in my HCOM class at CSUF and he was surprised to see me all "prettied" up because I would normally come to school looking the complete opposite I do in this picture...haha

Stacy and Sherry

My mom and I with our hamburgers, mine is a Double-Double, of course

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pageant Visit #3: Miss Fullerton!

And the new Miss Fullerton 2011 is....CARLY VALDES!  Jessica, Stacy and I called it!  She really was fantastic and totally deserved it!  We were also SO excited to hear the name of the new Miss Fullerton's OT 2011, ALLY ALEX!  Ally is very close to the Miss Garden Grove Org. because she has competed in the teen pageant for a while and has always been on court so we were proud of Ally for winning a title!  Another former GG contestant, Tiffany Lewis, competed for the Fullerton teen title too and she did so well!  She was so beautiful in her evening gown and we loved her talent.  We're so proud of you too, Tiffany!
an old picture with Tiffany. :)

After the Rotary Club Dinner I went to Fullerton to see the Miss Fullerton Pageant.  Stacy, Jessica, and I were in the third row and had a great view!  As usual, it was fun to visit a local pageant.  There are going to be some great girls competing in Fresno this year!

we matched and we didn't plan it, I promise!

With the lovely and amazing Miss CA, Arianna Afsar

This is the new Miss Ventura County 2011, Megan Wisler.  Come to find out, we competed together in the CA Teen 2008 pageant!  It was a nice reunion! :)