Monday, February 14, 2011

Pageant Visit #4: Miss Covina!

This was the fourth pageant we've gone to so far and it was extra special because Stacy was one of the judges!  We've only been to four but there are a lot more comin'!  Last night was the Miss Covina pageant and it was fun to watch, as always.  Because Stacy was a judge, neither Jessica or I had an official chaperone, so this time we got to bring our moms. :)  It was a fun girls' night out!

After the show, we all went to IN-N-OUT!  We were all starving and Jessica and I were talking about how much we wanted a hamburger.  I, quite frankly, wanted a Double-Double really bad...yes, I ate the whole thing. If you know me, that shouldn't be a surprise!

It was another great night, being the queens of Garden Grove.  The new Miss Covina is Vivian Wei and the new teen is Joelle Roup! CONGRATS!!! The next pageant is Miss Placentia, so we'll see who the lucky girl is next week!

Megan and I....we were the blue blondes of the night :)

we were all dressed with color coordination again!
Jessica and I actually planned it this time :)

Sherry Blades and I (she was another judge for the night)....we go way back, back to the Miss Anaheim OT days
love you Sherry!

I texted Stacy as the show ended to see if she wanted to go out for food and I told her what I wanted.  She wrote it down to show Sherry...haha, typical me

Ya Sherry wanted my crown on inside... it was all good.
PS- that guy was in my HCOM class at CSUF and he was surprised to see me all "prettied" up because I would normally come to school looking the complete opposite I do in this picture...haha

Stacy and Sherry

My mom and I with our hamburgers, mine is a Double-Double, of course

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