Saturday, February 26, 2011

LA Makeup Show with Sonoma Tanning

So after the little league parade, I got in my car and rushed up to LA.  Today was also the LA Makeup Show at the Fashion Institute in Downtown.  This was my first official time driving myself to Downtown and I made it in perfect time!  I wasn't going here only for the fun, I was there to model for Sonoma Tanning.  I modeled for them in Las Vegas at the Miss America tradeshow and I guess Kelly really liked me so she wanted me back in LA.  I didn't find out until today that Jackie Geist, Miss California 2008, was going to be there!  How exciting to hang out with her for 4 hours!  And Katie Enea was there to help with our booth too.  She's the Miss San Diego Director and she was also one of my Miss Garden Grove judges, so it was a nice reunion!
With Jackie Geist

The Sonoma crew!

Well, what a day so far!  I stood around in a swimsuit and heels for about 4 hours with five coats of bronze spray tanning product on my skin.  There were so many different people of all shapes and sizes with pretty much every makeup design you can think of.  It was definitely a new thing for me to see.  Being a girl and playing dress-up is fun!

And by the way, just to give a little commercial...  Sonoma Tanning is a wonderful spray tan service and the product they use is so natural and it feels so good.  I definitely did not walk away looking like a shiny orange and I had five coats on!  Sonoma Tanning spray tans all the contestants (if they want it) at Miss CA and for a lot of other contestants involved with the Miss America Org.  What's even better about it is that you can do it yourself!  You can buy the spray machine or you can buy the natural tanning lotions and mists.  It's very convenient if you're not into the UV Tanning.

Thank you again, Kelly for asking me to be your model!  I am so glad that I could be there to help you!

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