Friday, March 4, 2011

GG Friday Night Lights: Opening Ceremony

It's been a busy past couple months in the world of sports!  First was the start WGG Softball League, then the WGG Little League, and finally a new member of the family, Friday Night Lights!  This group is equivalent to the other little leagues, except the kids play flag football!  How cute is that!  After singing the national anthem at the Softball and Baseball opening ceremonies, I was invited to sing at the Friday Night Lights opening ceremony.  I'm on high demand!

It is always to nice to see the community come together, especially kids learning good values like teamwork and self-confidence.  They're spending time playing on the fields and NOT vandalizing the fields if you catch my drift.  Mayor Bill Dalton was there as well.  It is always an honor to be involved in events with him.  It was a great time tonight!  

and you're never going to believe this, but I FORGOT MY CAMERA!  I know, it's so not like me!  All I have is the news report from Channel 3.  Thanks Channel 3!

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