Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pageant Visit #7: Miss Tustin!

Tonight was a very exciting pageant to watch because my big sister, Chasta Nechvatal was competing for Miss Tustin.  She was Miss Anaheim in 2007, the same year I was Anaheim's Teen.  We grew so close and she has always been in my life every since.  Unfortunately, she was not picked to be Miss Tustin this year, but she was lucky enough to be on the court!  She got awarded 2nd runner-up!  Of course many people were thinking and hoping she would win, but I'm still so proud of you, Cha Cha! :)  The new Miss Tustin is Courtney Trouten.  Congratulations, Courtney!  It will be fun to be with you in Fresno!  It was a tough competition, but it turned out great!

Before the pageant, I went to dinner with some of the most important women in my life.  My mom, Stacy Margolin, Jennifer Gallo, Sherry Cain, Sherry Blades, and I met up at CPK in Tustin.  It was so much fun!  Some old friends Heather French and Carrie Carter were there as well.  Carrie brought her little Natalie along and she was so cute.  She told Natalie that she was going to meet a real princess at dinner and then a whole bunch more at the pageant and she was so excited.  I didn't wear my crown in the restaurant, but I told Natalie that my crown was in the car and that she would see me with it on later. :)  And that's exactly what happened!  I saw Natalie during intermission and she was so intrigued and fixed on my crown.  I loved it...she was so excited... love you, Natalie!

Natalie and I....she is so cute!

The SoCal girls!

Stacy and I

With Momma Sherry at the after party...

After the pageant, we went to the after party at the "On The Border" Restaurant to celebrate with Chasta!  We had so much fun!  Chasta be competing for one of the open titles in San Diego next week, along with a former Miss GG (Cori Coleman) and GG Teen (Bree Morse).  I'll be rooting for them all, especially my big sis, Chasta!

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