Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Trip to CHOC Hospital

Miss Garden Grove was once again asked to visit the kids at CHOC Hospital, and Jessica was able to come too!  After class, I got in my harp-loaded van and drove to CHOC.  Jessica and I met in the parking structure then met up with our favorite chaperone, Patti!  In addition to playing the harp for the kids again,  we got a tour of the hospital from Breanna Weeks.  Breanna is the program manager for the Children's Miracle Network hospitals.  We are lucky enough to have her on hand at CHOC!

 With Breanna Weeks and our lovely chaperone, Patti!

Jessica, Patti, and I learned a lot about this wonderful hospital.  First of all, if you're not aware, CHOC is undergoing a major renovation worth $563 million dollars.  One of the towers beung builr should be open for patients by early 2013.  It is a major project, but it will bless so many children and their families.  Breanna toured us through most floors of the hospital.  She took us to the newborn baby area; we could not go inside, but Jessica and I were able to look into a window where we saw a sweet newborn.  The mother was there standing by her child laying in her special bed.  It was a bittersweet sight.  Next, we were taken to the teenager's hang-out room.  The have to make sure the hospital is a cool place to hang out.  I learned that it is important that such area exists for the teenagers because there, they can still act like any other teenager.  There is more understanding and compassion for teens at Children's Hospitals than at general hospitals.

Breanna took us to the newborn wing where a lot of the children were born premature.  We could not actually go inside but we were able to look through one of the windows and watch a mom stroke her sweet little one in his medical carrier.  It was a beautiful sight.

Unfortunately, since Jessica is still a minor, she was not able to go into the playrooms to visit the kids, so she had to leave.  But Patti and I stayed and we visited with the sweet little kids.  I brought in my big harp into the play room.  They were so excited again to hear me play.  I started playing Disney tunes and they were so entranced.  It is interesting to see how different days have different experiences.  The first time I played for the kids here, they were very into the music, but today it seemed like they were happy playing air hockey and with their Playdoh.  I sweetly left and told them I'll see them soon.

Again, I am so grateful that I have the chance to play the harp for the kids at CHOC.  Those kids are so inspirational and it has been an honor to meet all of them.  I pray that they all get well soon!

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