Friday, February 18, 2011

Special Person's Day

Today was Special Person's Day at Barker Elementary.  I went to this school as well and when I was there, I was able to bring a Special Person to school every year.  Never did I think that I would be someone else's special person!  Today I was Sadie's Special Person and it was an amazing day.  I have actually been Sadie's sister's special person for two years in a row, but this time it was Sadie's turn.  I have babysat these two girls since they were born and I have grown to love them as my little sisters.  I'd be willing to adopt them anytime, actually! :)  Since I was Sadie's guest, her sister Hannah was left to find a new special person.  Who'd she pick?  My mom, of course.  It was nice to partner with my mom as special people at Barker!  I was so excited to go to Special Person's day, especially because this time I was invited as Miss Garden Grove.  Sadie is SOOOOO thrilled that she is friends with Miss Garden Grove and that her special person this year is a celebrity!

I was to report to the Multipurpose Room to attend the opening ceremony where certain students read essays they wrote about their special person.  As I sat down, I noticed that Sadie was standing on stage amongst other essay readers.  I had no idea that Sadie had won the essay contest for her grade.  This meant that she was going to read an essay about me.  Her essay was so touching and I felt so lucky to be her guest!  You can hear it here:

After the opening ceremony, everyone rushed to other classrooms to see their special people.  Sadie and I met outside in the quad and we gave each other BIG hugs!  We took a few pictures and I gave her a little gift bag with some goodies.  My mom left to go meet with Hannah and Sadie and I were off to her classroom.  On the way to her room, I asked her who her teacher is and she said, "Mrs. Radosevich!"  Now, if you're reading this and you didn't go to Barker with me, you won't understand the excitement I felt when Sadie told me the news!  I was so excited to see her after all these years.  I didn't have her as a teacher, but we knew each other well.  She had my brother, Ryan though.  What a nice reunion!

When we got to the classroom, Sadie had a lot of activities set up for us to do.  She first gave me a little tour of her room and I was impressed with the great work she's done!  Then, we were given a blank map of the USA and had to name as many states as possible.  She should be on "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" because she got a few that I couldn't remember.  She's a smart one!  We then had to name a state that we would both love to visit someday.  See what we cute!

Sadie, I know I'm your special person, but I want you to know that you are my special person too.  I love you, Sadie!

Sadie opened her gift bag full of goodies, and I gave her a little something extra.  I gave her a signed autograph sheet with my picture on it.  Stacy got a whole bunch of them printed for me :)  I know Sadie will keep that forever!  We hung around in the classroom until the bell rang.  We got some yummy cookies and punch and we had so much fun!   After the bell rang, we met up with Hannah and my mom in the pouring rain.  Hannah's teacher this year is Mrs. Linda Brown and she was my first grade teacher too!  My mom said that Mrs. Brown wanted to see me, so we walked over to her classroom.  Mrs. Brown was so proud to see me as Miss Garden Grove.  We had a sweet reunion!  I will never forget you, Mrs. Brown!  What a great day!  Sadie got to parade Miss Garden Grove around!  I think her friends were jealous.  We made each other feel special today and I'll never forget it!  We all decided to go to lunch and Taco Bell was the best choice!

 Mrs. Brown and I

With the girls at Taco Bell!


This is her

This is my mom and Hannah, they were partners for the day.  Can you tell they like each other?

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