Saturday, February 26, 2011

GG Little League Opening Ceremony and Parade!

The weather forecast was supposed be rainy all weekend and West GG was worried that once again the parade would get rained out!  They would've had to cancel it for the second time in a row because last year it rained too!  Everyone was told that if the event was canceled that they would get a phone call at 6AM.  I woke up at five minutes 'til and I didn't get that unwanted phone call!  The parade was on!  In fact, not only was the weather beautiful, it was like West GG was in a pocket of sunshine.  There were dark clouds surrounding us but not covering us.  God was being nice today! This year was very special in particular because I finally got to be in the parade as Miss GG!  For the past 3 or so years, I have always been in the parade as a court princess (not that there's anything wrong with that).  But I was definitely more excited sit with Jessica in a parade!

My view from the stage...they're all so cute in their uniforms!

This is the first year since I've been in the parade that I was not in the parade with my little brother, Sam.  He grew up as a little leaguer and we were always in the parade together.  Since he's a freshman at Pacifica this year, he's too old for little league. :(  But it's okay, because at least we still had a parade this year! Also, another exciting thing is that we have a new addition to the Miss GG court! Since Veronica Williams won Miss Desert Valley earlier that week, she was no longer able to be on our court.  The girl next in line was Missy Mendoza and we were so happy to have her with us at the parade!  And she gets to hang out with us during the Strawberry Festival too!

The new court with Missy on the far right!

Well, the parade started at 8AM and it was so much fun!  We didn't all sit with each other, but I was glad that Jessica and I sat in a car together.  The parade starts at Edgar Park, which is where I went to preschool, then it ends at Bell Intermediate, my Jr. High!  When we arrived at Bell, we all walked over to the stage to get ready for the opening ceremony.  Once the parade was over and the teams and parents found their spots in the audience, more of the fun began!  I sang the National Anthem and gave a little speech to the kids.  Mayor Bill Dalton spoke as well.  I know he loves the kids and that he supports the little league.  Otherwise, he wouldn't be there, especially so early in the morning!  It was a great ceremony and I know the kids were ready to play ball!

With former mayor, Bruce Broadwater and current Mayor Bill Dalton... and on the right, I'm singing :)

To see more pics, click on this link: more WGGLL pics

It was an amazing morning, but my day was just getting started!  Read the next two posts to see what else I did that day!

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