Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Classics on the Green" Car Show/Concert

Okay, I'm a little late with this post, and I MUST NOT fall into the trap of blog procrastination! I have fallen into the trap of procrastination in too many other categories already! :) But here I am and I am excited to share with you the latest event Jessica and I were able to attend.

Last Thursday was the "Classics on the Green" Car Show and Concert. This took place on the city yard off of Euclid and Main St. (it's the park where the Strawberry Festival takes place). This event was run by the Garden Grove Community Foundation and they really pulled it off! This was the first event that Jessica and I had together and it was so much fun! Before the concert, there were many beautiful and classic cars displayed out on the lawn. But these cars were not on display just for the fun, there was a trophy involved! There were three different awards given out: The Mayor's Choice, The Foundation's Choice and the Special Anniversary Award. I am sure it was hard to choose only 3 out of many beautiful cars, but I know that everyone had fun in end! As the judging took place the Mariachi Divas come out on stage to perform! They are amazing! The Mariachi Divas won a Grammy in 2008 for best Regional Mexican Album and I can see why! They are all fantastic musicians and singers and the crowd was wild all night!

Before the Mariachi Divas performed, many dance companies performed. There were dancers from Bolivia, Mexico, and other Latin American countries. They were all so talented! I got a picture with some of the Bolivian dancers! And I was also able to meet a couple of foreign exchange students from China and Switzerland and they were excited to meet a "celebrity"!

The trophies were given out at intermission and I got to help! I'll need to get used to being "displayed" everywhere I go...haha. This event once again showed me how "small town" our big city is! It is so nice to see the community come together in big numbers and have fun out on the Green!

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