Friday, September 24, 2010

Burlington Coat Factory- Grand Opening!

It's official! The new Burlington Coat Factory in Garden Grove is finally open! I was able to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning and it was fun. I am happy there is another Burlington open nearby; it gives me more reason to shop! Mayor Bill Dalton, Councilman Broadwater, and other city workers were there at the ceremony and I was able to help cut the ribbon! After the ribbon was cut, the employees opened the doors and people fled in to shop. I walked in with Mayor Dalton and we were amazed to see the amount of NAME BRANDS there, and the prices are so LOW! I will definitely be going back soon to get some good deals!

click to read the official

-this used to be the old Mervyn's, but now it's something WAY better!

I got to meet the new Burlington crew!

The BIG moment! Cutting the ribbon with employees and city dignitaries!
(L to R): Councilman Broadwater, Adrien- General Manager, Thomas Kelly- Vice President of Burlington, Mayor Dalton, Me, and Connie Margolin- Chamber of Commerce

Just shopping with the mayor, you know, it's a regular thing we do! haha

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