Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pageant Visit #1: Miss City of Orange!

Last night, Jessica and I got to go to our first pageant, except we weren't in it this time (phew!). We had the enjoyment of actually watching a pageant without the stress of being in one :) After the Boys and Girls Club event, I picked up Jessica and we were off to Chapman University. When we arrived, we saw so many "sparkle heads", or more formally known as titleholders. Jessica and I are sort of outsiders in a way because we are the first titleholders of 2011, and the other girls were from last year, but it's okay because we now get to see the new girls that we'll be competing with at Miss CA!

It has been really special for me because I have been in the "Miss CA" family since 2007 and so I got to see a lot of old friends, some whom I competed with at the CA teen level! I was able to catch up with old-timers, Carley Ryckman, Laura Jean Berger, Jordan Krinke (Miss CA's Teen 2008), Gabby Marco, Heidi Hoganson Chandler (Miss City of Orange 2005), and Connie Lema. And of course, I had to get a picture with Arianna Afsar (Miss CA); we go way back! :) And by the way, Heidi, you are still the amazing violinist that I remember you as! You totally brought down the house! Us instrumentalists can still work it!

Jordan Krinke (Miss CA's Teen 2008, Miss Placentia 2009)

Carley Ryckman (Miss Santa Barbara 2010)

Laura Jean Berger (Miss Culver City 2010)

Gabby Marco (Miss Fullerton 2010)

Connie Lema; she has always supported me throughout the years!
love you Connie!

Arianna Afsar (Miss CA 2010)

The winner of the night was Katie Barnum and she is fantastic! Jessica and I totally called it! We were rooting for her! I can't believe that this was her first pageant; she totally kicked butt! It will be fun to compete with her at Miss CA!

Check out the results on the website: Miss City of Orange

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