Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day at the Elk's Lodge!

This event, once again, has reminded me of how grateful and lucky I am to be a part of Garden Grove. The Elk's Lodge pulled off a fun-filled day to celebrate Labor Day. I took a picture of the day's schedule so you could see how much fun was going on! Jessica and I showed up around 4 and everyone was excited to see us! We felt so welcomed there. I got to meet Kevin Perkins, the Exalted Ruler of the Elk's Lodge and his lovely wife, Constance. I got to catch up with my friend, the Leading Knight of the Elk's, Mr. David Stamper- the "Grizz". He and I worked hard at the Elk's booth at the Strawberry Festival last year!

A photo moment with the wonderful Exalted Ruler and his First Lady....

He cutest little boy there! He was so excited...

singing "God Bless America" to the audience....

There were games, clowns, buffets, and no need to mention, the raffle prizes! I got to start off the raffle part of the night by singing "God Bless America" and everyone sang along with me; it was great. Then the real fun started and there was a lot to give away! Kevin Perkins, the Exalted Ruler of the Elk's Lodge, announced that there were 40 different baskets of prizes to raffle off, and that was a record! He was so amazed at the amount of donations that were given this year! Jessica and I were able to read off the winning numbers. Everyone was eager to win something; some even won 3 times! I guess they had a lot of luck! There was also a 50/50 drawing and the winning cash value was 500-something bucks! I was a little jealous when my ticket didn't get called...haha

Jessica and I in front of the highly desired Ford pick-up!

The grand raffle prize was a brand new Ford Pick Up truck! This truck has been on raffle since the Strawberry Festival last year! Since I was on court last year, I got to help sell raffle tickets during that Strawberry Festival with David, the "Grizz"! Each ticket was only a buck and I remember screaming to the crowds, "get your Truck for a Buck!" That really got people's heads turning. (If you want a chance to win a new car next labor day, look for the Elk's booth at this year's Strawberry Festival!) It has always been tradition that the newly crowned Miss Garden Grove draws the winning ticket for the truck and I continued that tradition! Not only was there a truck winner, there was also a second place prize of $500 cash, and a third place prize of $250 cash! So much money! Finally, the big moment came- it was time for a winner to claim their new truck! I drew the winning ticket! The man who won was not present, so David the "Grizz" actually called him and put his phone at the microphone so we could all hear his reaction. It was so cute, the winner was screaming and in total disbelief! I guess he was a local because he said that he was on his way to pick it up! It was great to hear so much joy.

Look how big the bin is! There were thousands of tickets in there!

picking the winning ticket!

- us after the truck drawing! Jessica and I with David, the "Grizz" (Elk's Leading Knight) and his wife, and Kevin Perkins (Exalted Ruler) and his wife (the Elk's first lady)

After the festivities, Jessica and I got to eat! We were treated with a warm plate of corn on the cob, pulled pork, beans, and cole slaw. A good ol' labor day feast!

The beautiful Jessica!

Jessica's family- sorry for the blurriness :)

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