Saturday, September 18, 2010

Taste 4 Pacifica

Tonight was a first time event like this for Pacifica High School (my alma mater!). This event was made to raise money for the Athletic Department at Pacifica and I think they raised A LOT of money tonight! It was a great turn out! Their goal was to sell 500 tickets and by 8pm, 480 were sold and there were still two more hours to go!

Many different restaurants had booths set up, showing off some of their best food samples! Jessica and I were able to indulge in scrumptious samples from Oggi's Pizza, Kerostena Mediterranean Grill, Russo's, Golden Spoon, On the Rocks, and Juice it Up! And of course, there was a wine and beer bar to go with the tasty food. Neither Jessica or I are 21, so we had to wear "minor" bracelets, but it didn't matter because I won't be drinking alcohol ever in my lifetime anyway. haha. There was a silent auction as well! Many clubs and businesses associated with Pacifica High donated baskets and other prizes up for auction! The prizes ranged from homemade scarves to skateboards and hotel reservations! That auction table was one of the hot spots of the night!

Now, Jessica and I were not only there to smile and be pretty- although, we have mastered this skill- we sold raffle tickets and boy, did they sell fast! We raffled off some pretty awesome prizes: Pacifica Mariner merchandise, and restaurant gift cards! Each ticket was one dollar, but we were giving out a great deal of 10 tickets for $5. Along with that, Super Mex was giving out $5 coupons for every $5 worth of raffle tickets sold! So you would break even anyway! Everyone loved this deal and the tickets were disappearing fast! Jessica and sold tickets for about 2 hours, but it was lots of fun to mix and mingle with new people!

Since I am a Pacifica alumnus, I mingled with some old friends of mine tonight and I got to reunite with a few of my past teachers as well! I was so excited! They were all so proud to see me as Miss Garden Grove and that I was making Pacifica look good!

The Pacifica Merchandise booth!

Mrs. Ficarola, but to me, Miss Kibbey :) (she got married recently)
-English teacher, Senior year

Mr. Franzman!
-Geometry teacher, freshman year

Mr. Anderson!
-Civics teacher

Mrs. Bryan!
- P.E. teacher

Mrs. McGregor!
- P.E. teacher

...and finally, Mrs. Rae!
-Principal at PHS, and she was my principal at Barker Elementary!
-she has watched me grow since 5th grade

All of these people were such a big support to me in high school and are still supporting me today! They all have influenced me in many ways and I have a lot of fun memories with each of them. I miss them a lot!
This event has a great turn out and I hope Pacifica will do it again next year!

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  1. YAY It must have been great to see all the old teachers! I am missing Pacifica High BIG TIME. I'm glad you were able to do that for the school =)