Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn Fest at Acacia Adult Day Care

Today was the annual Autumn Fest, and this year it was held at the Acacia Adult Day Care. Many people from the community swarmed in to take part in this fun and festive event. This event is held every year in order to raise money to support the programs and services that Acacia offers to the participants and their family members. Polka musicians played away on their accordions and banjos while everyone enjoyed the beer and food, and the fun outdoor games. It was a successful day and there is no one else to thank but all of the volunteers who made it happen. Many people donated baskets of goodies for the silent auction and it was a big hit! In addition to the silent auction, Veronica, Valerie, Jessica, and I had the opportunity to sell Macy's coupons. They were only $5 and the donors would automatically be entered in the chance to win a $500 gift card to Macy's and get a 25% coupon as well! And, all of the money raised (each $5) was given straight to the Acacia Center, which was nice of Macy's to contribute.
I'm glad to see how the community supports such a wonderful organization like Acacia Center!

Veronica Williams (Miss 2nd runner-up), Me, Jessica, and Valerie Alcaraz (Teen 1st runner up)

Hangin' with the Polka players!

we like each other...

count your blessings!

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