Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Golden Spoon Celebration!

It's official! Golden Spoon has been voted OC's Favorite Frozen Yogurt! Free 4 ounces of yogurt were being passed out to the public and a lot of people showed up! I was at the Cypress location and I got to see a lot of familiar faces!

I got a free cup of yogurt too and my favorite flavor there is Peanut Butter! Yum! Jeremy, the owner, told me his favorite flavor is Peanut Butter too! There was a huge line of people throughout the night; I don't blame them because I would wait in line for some free frozen yogurt! There were a lot of families there, including part of my own! My Aunt Jill showed up for a little while, and my boyfriend Keith came to take advantage of the free stuff too!

mmmmmMMMMmmmm! Peanut Butter flavor!

Jeremy, the owner of Cypress Golden Spoon

Keith, my body guard

Aunt Jill came for a visit too!

Me with the lovely salon ladies from next-door!

A lot of people wanted pictures and it was fun to take so many with the little kids! The salon ladies from next-door came over for a picture too. There were a couple of little boys waiting line and they were playing the "looking" game with me. They would look at me and then when I looked that them, they would freak out with laughter and run to the their mom. They were my entertainment of the evening!

This was definitely a different event because it outside of GG boundaries, but I am really glad I got to be there and greet the community as they got their free frozen yogurt!

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