Friday, October 15, 2010

Celebration of Life Singers Concert

Tonight, Jessica and I were priviledged to attend and help with this event. The Celebration of Life Singers were performing at the Crystal Cathedral and they sang some beautiful and inspirational music. The coordinator for this event was conveniently Jessica's grandma! She was so excited to show off her granddaughter, as any grandma should be! The thing that is so special and unique about this choir is that the members are all cancer survivors and their support partners. Their mission is to bring members of the community who have triumphed over cancer together, to participate in a creative, uplifting, and fulfilling experience through the healing power of music. The Celebration of Life Singers perform throughout Southern California and Garden Grove was lucky enough to have them perform in our own beloved Crystal Cathedral. Another singing group called The Sonorous Singers was there and they were amazing!

Jessica and I with her Grandma Dawn

Jessica's grandma, Dawn Densberger, brought Jessica and I up to the stage and gave us a sweet introduction.

The Singers of Life Choir....

....and the Sonorous Singers

All of the music performed was religious, which was very appropriate for this occasion. Obviously, I am not one who can attest to the struggles and experiences of trying to overcome cancer, but I can attest to the power of God. Bad things happen to good people and when they happen, we gain a stronger faith and testimony in our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ. I know God was present that night and that we all could feel His love. The very last song was the grand finale and the one where we could feel God's love to the most. Before the concert began, Jessica and I were in charge of giving everyone a program and a little glow stick. The glow sticks were to saved until the last song. During the final song, everyone who knew someone with cancer, or had cancer themselves (which was everyone there) lit their glow stick and held it up. It was a beautiful sight.

we brought our own canned goods!

In addition to this concert, there was a canned food drive and almost everyone brought something to donate. I really appreciated this concert because I truly believe in the healing power of music. I was inspired by this choir and it's so wonderful to see such a group as this unite together to sing God's praises.

Patti and Myles were our chaperones for the night. Or should we say, "bodyguards"?? :)
We love you both!

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